I feel the need for a Halloween III / Silver Shamrock ringtone.

Greetings from Chicago where they started serenading me with Cheap Trick within 10 minutes of landing. I didn't even realize I missed Cheap Trick....

New Cat Integration Plan 1B is under way. They have seen one another for the first time. Moderate hissing and much excitement.

I've gone down a weird podcast rabbit hole lately. The Movies by Minute podcasts (MxM). They cover a one minute segment of a movie per episode of the podcast. Theoretically these are deep dive passion projects akin to a semester in a film studies class, and some are just that while others take a much more jokey approach and it ends up like a voyeuristic listen in on friends taking about their favorite movie. I prefer the former but both are worth a listen if you have some fondness for the film

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