This is definitely not the response you want when you tell your family to go vote.

Having a fight in a FB group about whether or not a word's exclusion in a dictionary makes it not actually a word.


facebook advertising bullshittery 

Speaking of internet advertising, I have to admit this was pretty clever and timely despite the irony of its context.

I don’t know why I always do this to myself. I like a product, I sign up for their mailing list. And suddenly the makers of my my high-end sleep mask wants me to Engage with their Brand three times a week.🙄💩

Normally I’m way into dirigibles and blimps, but this one is getting really fucking obnoxious.

So I edit and publish a zine, Plumbago Magazine, about wooden pencils and other stationery and analog tools of creation. We just won an award from Broken Pencil, a magazine about zines!

hey @Gargron can we get some official mastodon ~ C O N T E N T ~ that's as riveting and engaging as that other site?

I know it's probably because of something awful like the nearby wildfires, but the colors in San Francisco's sunset tonight are breathtaking.

warning: super gross ugly cat 

look at this uggo

just look at him

We’ve discovered so many great places to eat and the food shots are SO. GOOD.

One of the best shows on local SF television is “Check Please, Bay Area” on KQED. It makes me happy the way House Hunters used to. But on PBS!

If the tagline of this podcast isn’t “This Podcast Will Put You to Sleep,” well, I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.

TIL you can buy attractive, inexpensive test tube holders on Amazon! And you can use them to hold, I don’t know, your archival tubes of limited edition Blackwing pencils.

CW: rampant racism and misogynoir 

This depiction of Serena Williams in a Herald Sun political cartoon is just wildly racist on top of just straight-up gaslighting her. We white people have so far to go, and I hope the editorial board of this paper is SO ashamed of themselves.

that feel when you work really hard on something and present it and their feedback is really drastic but really good

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