Thinking about firing up the ol Mastodon account today!

Why? Oh, no reason. 😅

@coffeentacos Blerg! Just seeing this. I liked it! It was such a dry comedy. And huh — I didn't realize it was a one-season only thing.

This is definitely not the response you want when you tell your family to go vote.

Oh wow. Mast is really fucking fantastic. My new favorite Mastodon client! Thank you for this, @JPEG

Having a fight in a FB group about whether or not a word's exclusion in a dictionary makes it not actually a word.


WOW that didn't turn out like I expected. I meant it to render as the dude shrugging.

What is your most overused emoji?

Mine is definitely 🤷‍♂️

facebook advertising bullshittery 

Speaking of internet advertising, I have to admit this was pretty clever and timely despite the irony of its context.

I don’t know why I always do this to myself. I like a product, I sign up for their mailing list. And suddenly the makers of my my high-end sleep mask wants me to Engage with their Brand three times a week.🙄💩

@jasonscheirer I do have to recognize the irony of the Failsforce blimp appearing the day the SalesForce Transit Center failed, structurally. But that’s just a lucky stroke on Freshworks part.

Normally I’m way into dirigibles and blimps, but this one is getting really fucking obnoxious.

(And if you want to by an AWARD-WINNING zine about pencils, we still have copies for sale! Head over to )

It's small, but it's something I'm super proud of. I went from knowing *zero* about making zines, to this. And while I get the cover and innards printed professionally, I hand-assemble them all in my living room.

So I edit and publish a zine, Plumbago Magazine, about wooden pencils and other stationery and analog tools of creation. We just won an award from Broken Pencil, a magazine about zines!

OMG. Allow me to brag about myself for just a second.

My kingdom for a mail client that supports Office 365 with 2-factor authentification that isn't fucking MS Outlook!


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