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wheres my mastodon for apple watch app, tim


Apple sure does have a hard-on for Imagine Dragons.

If the tagline of this podcast isn’t “This Podcast Will Put You to Sleep,” well, I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.

TIL you can buy attractive, inexpensive test tube holders on Amazon! And you can use them to hold, I don’t know, your archival tubes of limited edition Blackwing pencils.

CW: rampant racism and misogynoir 

This depiction of Serena Williams in a Herald Sun political cartoon is just wildly racist on top of just straight-up gaslighting her. We white people have so far to go, and I hope the editorial board of this paper is SO ashamed of themselves.

Magnificent Dilemma - Dry Vermouth - 1.5 oz. London Dry Gin b. .75 oz. Coconut Syrup i. 1.5 oz. Fresh iii. .75 oz. Fresh Orange d. .4 oz. Champagne d. Cucumber sliin whipped cream/Straw

Ive been a bad Mastodonner, folx. I haven’t checked this thing all weekend.

that feel when you work really hard on something and present it and their feedback is really drastic but really good

dental damn 

Just got a novocaine injection for the first time in my 35 years. And man, does my mouth feel REAL weird.

@mrssoup Listening to our mutual friend Brad on your Friends in Your Ears Podcast! Looove it!

And I loved your theme music! It’s so different than what else is out there. I feel like I’m listening to Julia Child. 💛💛💛

In case you want to read along:

In a nut, the OP was using the Ship of Theseus paradox to describe the relationship the new Palomino Blackwing has with the old Eberhard Faber Blackwing pencil (his argument: none).

To me, a TOS vs. TNG metaphor works better.

(But somehow I ended up talking about the Khitomer Accords) OH GOD HOW DID WE GET HERE

Just went WAY deep on a Star Trek / pencil brand metaphor. THIS IS THE PERFECT INTERSECTION OF MY INTERESTS

Maaan, Medium's getting rid of their custom domain service. Luckily they'll still maintain currently existing domains.

(Glad I got in early)

(HT @chartier)

Still not buying a video game system but I really enjoyed that Switch. Those controllers are so good.

I *almost* beat Super Mario Odyssey. It's SO immersive and it feels less like a game of timing and reflexes and more of solving a puzzle, which I really enjoyed.

I played more video games this long holiday weekend than I have in years — a friend was out of town and I borrowed his Nintendo Switch.

crystal pepsi is the most mystical of all sodas boost if you agree

Today’s my two-year anniversary of living in San Francisco. This thing I wrote last year still feels true today.

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