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warning: super gross ugly cat 

look at this uggo

just look at him

Whelp, I've been on here for a little while, but never did a proper for myself:

I'm Andy! I use he/him pronouns and I work as a writer on a UX design team at a very large software company in San Francisco, and I spend a lot of time thinking about wooden pencils and other stationery on the side. I have a podcast:, and my favorite project right now is a biannual zine about pencils: Plumbago Magazine!

Oh, and I also love cats and Star Trek.

Look, I like shitposters as much as the next person, but I gots to have some actual-ass human beings to follow. My feeds, federated and personal, are getting too weird-Mastodonny. Reccomendations?

We’ve discovered so many great places to eat and the food shots are SO. GOOD.

One of the best shows on local SF television is β€œCheck Please, Bay Area” on KQED. It makes me happy the way House Hunters used to. But on PBS!

*chanting* clocks clocks

tim cook: clocks clocKS CLOCKS

steve jobs ghost: CLOCKS CLOCKS CLOCKS

It’s interesting how the Apple Watch is increasingly becoming a health and medical device. I wonder how long it’ll take before medical insurances start offering to subsidize purchasing them or offering discounts to those who buy them.

heard they're announcing a bunch of new apples today. dunno how they plan to outdo the honeycrisp

*pats* iphone xs max

You can fit so many neurons in this baby

Bionic chip? Neural engine? What is this, a phone or an Intrepid-class starship, Apple?

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